Tozer offer a range of pumpkins, winter and summer squash including both marrows and courgettes which we trial and breed.

  • Baby Bear

    Pumpkin Baby Bear
    The perfect mini pumpkin! At around 1kg with a slender handle, Baby Bear is small enough for young children to lift themselves. It has great appeal for decorative use, and its semi-hulless seeds are great for roasted snacks.
  • Limited availability via BUY NOW button below from Kings Seeds. Medium- to large-size Jack-o'-Lantern hybrid pumpkin with strong green handles. It's a bright orange globe shape with fruits about 6-10kg
  • Casperita F1

    small white Pumpkin Casperita
    New, very attractive, small white pumpkin. Produces a uniform crop with excellent skin finish and strong handles. Perfect for farm shop sales.
  • Gold Medal F1

    Hybrid Pumpkin Gold Medal
    Our best-selling larger variety, Gold Medal is a consistent performer.
  • Gold Speck F1

    Pumpkin Gold Speck F1
    A prolific cropper with uniform fruits, Gold Speck is a firm favourite for the popular munchkin market. It has orange, scalloped fruit, approx. 110 grams. Most fruit set close to the crown early and escape virus flecking.
  • Goosebumps F1

    Pumpkin Goosebumps
    Medium sized, warted pumpkin, very popular for Halloween displays. Please note quantity of warts can vary depending on conditions.
  • Polar Bear F1

    White Pumpkin Polar Bear
    Extra-large white pumpkin which retains its colour well after maturity in the field. Popular in decorative displays.  
  • Racer F1

    Best Selling Halloween Pumpkin Racer F1
    5 to 7 kg round fruits with good colour and strong handles. Semi-bush variety which matures early. A consistent, high yielding pumpkin. Without doubt our best selling Halloween variety.
  • Rocket F1

    Large vine pumpkin Rocket
    Uniform oval fruits with dark orange colouring and strong handles. Large vine type with mid-season maturity and good yields.  
  • TZ 9929 F1

    Small hybrid pumpkin TZ 9929
    We are excited to introduce this dark orange small pumpkin to the UK market. It has performed consistently well in our trials in both Surrey and further north, offering a hybrid small variety as an alternative to Becky.
  • TZ 9960 F1 PMR

    Pumpkin TZ 9960 is a hybrid which has uniform oval fruits with dark orange colouring and strong handles. It is a large vine type with mid-season maturity and good yields.  
  • Limited availability via BUY NOW button below from Kings Seeds. Wicked is a hybrid variety. It has been bred to provide superb quality, larger ‘monster ’ Hallowe’en pumpkins. It is specifically suited to cultivation in the UK and will also suit other countries with a cooler climate. Because it is early maturing it does well even in poor summers.
  • The scariest and wartiest Halloween pumpkin available! Pumpkin Zombie is a terrifying new development from Tozer that is perfect as a stand-out novelty for Hallowe’en and autumn displays. TZ 7718 is a high yielding variety with uniformly warty fruits and the intensely warted skin is very thick to allow storage for extended periods in displays.
  • Acorn Squash – Honey Bear F1

    Acorn Winter Squash Honey Bear F1
    A pretty new dark green, hybrid acorn squash. There are 3-4 fruits per plant, which have a diameter of 11-12cm, each averaging approximately 700g. Please note the stem does easily detach from the fruit
  • Acorn Squash – Table Star F1

    Acorn squash Table Star F1
    Competitive with the best in the market, plus it has 50% higher sugars than the competitive acorns and it is Powdery Mildew Tolerant (PMT).
  • High Sugar Squash – Celebration F1

    High Sugar Squash Celebration
    Golden striped acorn squash with deep orange flesh. It is a prolific cropper on a strong plant with very good eating qualities.
  • High Sugar Squash – Harlequin F1

    High Sugar Squash Harlequin F1 acorn squash green and cream
    Green striped acorn squash with exceptionally sweet flesh.
  • High Sugar Squash – Sweet Lightning F1

    Flatter dumpling style fruits with exceptional eating qualities.
  • Winter Squash – Onion

    Uchiki Kuri Winter Squash Onion
    Also known as Uchiki Kuri, onion shaped with a deep red skin and thick orange flesh. Fruits average 1 to 1.5kg.
  • Winter Squash – Crown Prince F1

    attractive steel grey squash Crown Prince
    Renowned for its eating qualities, Crown Prince is an attractive steel grey squash. Large fruit with deep orange flesh and long storage potential.
  • Winter Squash – Kabocha F1 TZ 1867

    Kabocha F1 TZ 1867
    Beautiful new addition to our kabocha range for trial 2023. Stunning pink kabocha squash with a glorious texture. Pale pink at harvest, it has a distinctive star shape on the blossom end with variable levels of sky blue. It has the potential for long storage with the best eating quality being 2-5 months after harvest.
  • Winter Squash – Kabocha F1 Large Fruited

    This has a slightly larger fruit than the Small Kabocha. It has good yields and good storage potential.
  • Winter Squash – Sunspot F1

    Winter Squash Sunspot F1
    Bright red fruited variety with deep orange flesh and good eating qualities. Very attractive and eye catching.
  • Winter Squash – Winter Sweet Sombra F1

    Winter Squash - Winter Sweet Sombra F1
    Winter Sweet Sombra delivers a combination of sweetness, flaky texture and depth of flavour. Best eating quality between 2 and 5 months after harvest.
  • Butternut – Autumn Crown F1

    Autumn Crown produces an abundance of attractive early maturing butternut-coloured scalloped fruits each weighing around 2 kg from reduced vines. The long- storing fruits have a unique ‘sweet melon’ aroma when cut and the flesh is a deep orange with a small seed cavity.
  • Butternut – Hunter F1

    Butternut Squash Hunter F1
    Bred by Tozer Seeds for the Northern European climate. Up to four weeks earlier to harvest than American Hybrids. Fruits average 1 to 1.5kg with a very high level of marketable fruits and a heavy total yield.
  • Butternut – Sweetmax F1

    Butternut Sweetmax
    This is the latest addition to our early maturing butternut range. This processing type has large 3.5 kg fruits with great internal colour and flavour. This traditional shaped butternut grows on a full vine plant and has the potential to produce a large amount of uniform fruit.
  • Butternut – Ultra F1

    Large fruited processing type. Large vigorous plants. Relatively late maturing.
  • Bush Baby F1

    Attractive baby marrow with a bush type habit and good flavour. Bush baby has been bred to satisfy the market requirements for a smaller marrow. Approximately three quarters the size of a standard variety, Bush Baby is suited to both field and container production and produces a high count of fruits per plant over the season. Approximately 60 days to…
  • Tiger Cross F1

    Marrow Tiger Cross is an early bush variety with highly uniform mid green and cream striped fruits. The first hybrid to have intermediate resistance to Cucumber Mosaic Virus. It is now very popular and is grown across the UK and Europe. Approximately 70 days to maturity .
  • Alfresco F1

    High yields of very pale green 'white' fruit which have higher dry matter content than standard dark green varieties, resulting in superb eating quality.
  • Defender F1

    Courgette Defender F1
    Courgette Defender F1 has an open plant habit, making it very easy to harvest. It is our first courgette variety with intermediate CMV resistance. A high yielding, very early variety with attractive dark fruits.
  • Firenze F1

    Courgette Firenze
    Courgette Firenze outperforms Ambassador in yield and grade out. It has very slender, straight dark fruit. A courgette with few spines which has intermediate resistance to powdery mildew.
  • Midnight F1

    High yielding variety. Dark green glossy fruits produced on very compact, completely spineless plants. Easy to pick.
  • Summer Sun

    Courgette Summer Sun
    An early high yielding versatile variety, Summer Sun has superb round yellow striped vibrant fruit which can be picked at any size. The baby fruits are great for BBQ skewers or pick fruit about the size of a tennis ball, for standard use or stuffing. They can also be left to develop into larger round marrows. A higher dry matter…
  • Sunstripe

    Golden Yellow Zucchini Sunstripe
    Wonderfully vibrant golden yellow striped tasty fruits are produced from spineless bush habit plants. Great uniformity for shape and a high yielding variety with great flavour and texture.