Seed Quality

Producing seed at Tozer

The key to growing a successful crop is the use of good quality seed. Our stock seed is produced at our dedicated production nursery in the UK. It is then sent to specialist seed production companies around the globe. We utilise the expertise of these production companies and the unique environments they work in to help ensure we receive the highest quality seed.
To provide our customers with a complex range of seed of high quality year after year is a complicated and demanding responsibility. Our production managers are travelling throughout the year to ensure our seed crops are growing successfully.

Processing seed at Tozer

Once harvested our seed is processed in various ways depending on species. This helps to improve both uniformity, germination and longevity. After processing is complete the seed will be extensively tested before we accept it into our warehouses which are temperature and humidity controlled.
We test our seed not just to ensure it has very high germination levels. We also test to ensure it’s free from damaging seed borne diseases, and to ensure its genetic purity.