Plant Breeding at Tozer

From the very beginning Tozer Seeds was focused on developing new and improved varieties of vegetables. Through the work of our breeders we became the first company in the world to produce commercial F1 celery and parsnip varieties. We were amongst the very first to produce F1 hybrid leek. We also developed an entirely new and unique vegetable, the Kalette®

Our breeding and selection work takes place in both the UK and Spain. This means we are able to develop varieties suitable for different climatic conditions. Our core focus is on celery, parsnip, leek, wild rocket, cepa salad onion and kale. We aim to develop world class varieties of these products. But of course, we have produced excellent varieties of other species as well. We have recently built a new Innovation Centre at our UK headquarters. This allows us to improve our plant breeding techniques by utilising the very latest technology.

Plant breeding combines science and creativity and plant breeders must use their understanding of genetics and horticulture plus their intuition to develop new lines. Breeding a new vegetable variety takes considerable time and effort. This means it is vital that the breeders have a constant dialogue with our product development team and sales staff around the world. This enables them to monitor the direction of a breeding program.
Plant breeding represents the heart of our company, it’s a passion for us and it is this passion which will help us to continue to introduce more and more exceptional varieties.