Tozer Seeds is actively breeding butternut squash. We develop varieties which mature quickly and therefore they are suitable for Northern production.
  • Winter Squash – Crown Prince F1

    attractive steel grey squash Crown Princetest
    Renowned for its eating qualities, Crown Prince is an attractive steel grey squash. Large fruit with deep orange flesh and long storage potential.
  • Butternut – Autumn Crown F1

    Autumn Crown produces an abundance of attractive early maturing butternut-coloured scalloped fruits each weighing around 4.5 lbs from reduced vines. The long- storing fruits have a unique ‘sweet melon’ aroma when cut and the flesh is a deep orange with a small seed cavity.
  • Butternut – Hunter F1

    Butternut Squash Hunter F1test
    Bred by Tozer Seeds for the Northern European climate. Up to four weeks earlier to harvest than American Hybrids. Fruits average 2 - 3 lbs with a very high level of marketable fruits and a heavy total yield.
  • Butternut – Sweetmax F1

    Butternut Sweetmaxtest
    This is the latest addition to our early maturing butternut range. This processing type has large 7.5 lb fruits with great internal colour and flavor. This traditional shaped butternut grows on a full vine plant and has the potential to produce a large amount of uniform fruit.