Tozer offers a wide range of brassica seeds, from Brussels Sprouts to Cabbage to a fabulous assortment of Kale and not forgetting Kalettes
  • Bosworth F1

    Brussels Sprout Bosworth F1
    A midseason variety maturing before Trafalgar. Has excellent holding ability with firm, smooth, dark green, sweet tasting buttons. Shows intermediate downy mildew and ringspot resistance. Approximately 210 days to maturity.
  • A first early variety, maturing late August to October. Churchill produces good yields of tight, evenly spaced buttons with a superb flavour. Approximately 180 days to maturity .
  • Red Bull

    Brussels Sprout Red Bull
    Specialist variety producing red sprouts which improve in colour after cold weather. In our opinion the best red variety available. Approximately 210 days to maturity
  • Trafalgar F1

    Brussels Sprout Trafalgar
    Brussels Sprout Trafalgar is a tall, erect, late mid season variety with strong root system. Medium size smooth buttons of excellent flavour. Intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. Approximately 240 days to maturity
  • Green Ballhead – Consulate F1

    Green Ballhead Cabbage Consulate
    Cabbage Consulate is a Tundra type. Long standing with blue-green slightly savoyed heads.
  • Green Ballhead – Embassy F1

    Green Ballhead Cabbage Embassy
    This green ballhead cabbage is very hardy. It has attractive heads with slightly savoyed foliage weighing on average 1kg and maturing October to March. Very good shape and colour with excellent culinary qualities, making this variety a great choice for growers.
  • January King – Marabel F1

    January King Cabbage Marabel F1
    The original Tozer January King Cabbage. This hybrid is high yielding and very long standing. Marabel matures from November onwards, with a large dense head.
  • January King – Noelle F1

    January King Cabbage Noelle
    Maturing from mid-October. Noelle is long standing with good head weight and colour. Ideal size for retail packs. .
  • January King – Robin F1

    January King Cabbage Robin F1
    The earliest of the Tozer January King hybrids, maturing from October to February. Robin has solid medium sized heads which colour up quickly. Overall a superb January King cabbage.
  • Pointed – Tantour F1 TZ 7022

    Pointed Cabbage Tantour Merlin
    Hybrid variety for hearts production in spring and autumn, as well as greens production for spring, summer and autumn. Outer leaves are an attractive dark green with bright green inner head. Excellent pointed head shape
  • Savoy – Endeavour F1

    This was the first hybrid from the Tozer Seeds savoy cabbage breeding programme. Late maturing with dark leaves and medium blister which hearts and stands well. Sow April to May for harvest late November to March. . .
  • Savoy – Endurance F1

    Savoy Cabbage Endurance
    Our latest Savoy variety. It produces small to medium, blue-green, compact heads, from January to April. In trials it has been found to go into the winter small and then fills out with a good clean appearance.
  • Savoy – Providence F1

    An attractive dark blue-green mid-season Savoy with fine, deeply blistered leaves. Solid well filled, round heads of 0.7–1.2 kg are produced, with a short core and excellent eating equalities.
  • Savoy – Victory F1

    Semi Savoy cabbage Victory F1
    Hybrid semi-savoy variety for spring, summer and autumn production. Outer leaves are an attractive dark green with bright green inner head. Excellent round head shape and very good internal fill with short core (less than 35%). Has good wrapper leaves. Inner leaves are tender and crunchy and have an excellent very sweet and mild cabbage flavour.
  • Savoy – Vanguard F1

    Savoy Cabbage Vanguard F1
    A good looking early savoy with nicely formed and filled heads from an initial stage. It has a deep green colour with deeply blistered leaves. Vanguard becomes solid quickly and it holds in the field very well. It has a great taste making it a superior variety.
  • Savoy – Resolution F1

    Savoy Cabbage Resolution F1
    A mid-season Savoy cabbage for mid-October to mid-December harvesting. It's mid-green and attractive with solid round heads. Sow April to May.
  • Summer Purple

    Purple sprouting broccoli Summer Purple
    Summer Purple was bred for summer/autumn production. It crops from late June to October depending upon sowing date, season and the location. A versatile variety with large frame. It has good yields over a long cropping period.
  • Bred to perform well in the September to February period but is at its best from November to February. Produces good sized spears ideal for fresh market sales and prepack. Plants are large framed and suit fertile, heavy soil types.
  • Red Fire F1

    Purple Sprouting Broccoli Red Fire F1
    This outstanding winter hardy variety produces uniform, erect plants. They mature from the end of January to start of March depending upon the sowing date and location. The stems are easy to pick with excellent colour and medium to large heads with 8-15cm stem diameter. It is generally best for one main pick with a follow-up secondary pick after 10…
  • Garden Mix

    Kalettes® are a brand new vegetable; a small, green and purple sprout with curly leaves. The Kalette® is a cross between two real 'Superfoods', Brussels sprouts and British kale resulting in a vegetable with a sweet and nutty flavour. More information can be found on the official Kalettes® website here: Approximately 180-300 days to maturity
  • Autumn Star F1

    TZ 0357 is the earliest of the three Kalettes® varieties, maturing from October. This variety has superb vigour and produces high yields of Kalettes® which are exceptionally easy to harvest. Remaining in good condition until at least the end of November, this variety develops a great sweet and nutty flavour as the season progresses. Approximately 180 days to maturity
  • Christmas Rose F1

    TZ 0479 has exceptional maturity up the stem, this is the tallest of the three Kalettes® varieties and will produce high yields of tasty Kalettes® for the all-important Christmas period, remaining in top quality throughout the whole of November and December. Approximately 240 days to maturity .
  • Snowdrop F1

    Winter hardy Kalette Snowdrop
    Snowdrop is an extremely winter hardy Kalettes® variety. It has slightly shorter stems thank other varieties which are resistant to lodging in high winds. This variety matures from January to February. The Kalettes® remain in excellent condition during this challenging growing period. They have performed well in trials even in heavy snow and freezing conditions. Approximately 300 days to maturity
  • Buttonhole Kale® – Starmaker

    Buttonhole Kale Starmaker
    Starmaker forms a small rosette head that makes a fantastic high value product for contemporary dining. Bold, bright pink ribs contrast against the dark green sweet leaf. The outer leaves can also be cut and used as a colourful shredded product to give added value.
  • Cavolo Nero – Black Magic

    Cavolo Nero Black Magic
    Black Magic is an excellent OP selection of cavolo nero. It has improved winter hardiness, darker more savoyed leaves and more uniform plant habit than traditional selections. Ideal for use in baby leaf productions but also suitable for pre-pack and processing.
  • Cavolo Nero – Cobra F1

    Cavolo Nero Cobra F1
    Cobra F1 has a high leaf count of uniform narrow leaves, ideal for whole leaf pre-packs. This variety has demonstrated that it can produce a good second growth after harvest, allowing a second cut for growers. Cobra also works well into the winter and has improved bolt and cold tolerance.
  • Cavolo Nero – Ebony F1

    Cavolo Nero Ebony TZ 7566
    Ebony F1 is our latest cavolo nero variety. It has a good upright plant shape with dark leaves which produce good yields. This variety has demonstrated good cold and bolt tolerance and is winter hardy. Like Cobra, it produces a good second growth after harvest. Ebony is a versatile variety with leaves suited for both pre-pack and processing.
  • Cavolo Nero – Raven F1

    cavolo nero raven f1
    Raven F1 has very uniform, thin, dark and well textured leaves which are perfect for bunching and also help ensure the plant is less susceptible to wind damage compared to OP types. This plant has a neat, rosette shaped uniform plant habit which is easy to harvest.
  • Coloured Kale - TZ 9332

    textured ruffled leaves Coloured kale Emerald Ice
    This variety has the best eating qualities of all the kales. The textured, ruffled leaves develop a striking contrasting white centre as they mature and have a very sweet flavour and have the crispest texture. The very ruffled leaves give great bag-fill. This variety is also suitable for multiple cuts.
  • Coloured Kale – Midnight Sun

    This stunning new kale variety has a deep red textured leaf and a striking pink mid vein running throughout the leaf. Suitable for multiple cuts, this variety is very versatile. It is the best variety for use as a baby leaf kale but also works well as a mature plant.
  • Kale – Red Russian

    Kale Red Russian
    Tender colourful, speciality for bunching and baby leaf. Leaves are flat with red purple / red veins, colour intensifies with the cooler temperature.