Tozer Seeds offer a range of brightly coloured kales with fantastic leaf textures and unique eating qualities. All these new kales require only very light cooking and are well suited to modern culinary methods including stir-fry, steam and microwave. Cultivation of the new Tozer kales is identical to traditional kales, using the same sowing dates and spacing. They are very versatile, with all varieties being suitable for harvest from young plants to full-grown mature leaf. We also have some improved hybrid curly kale types and some fantastic Cavolo Nero (black cabbage) varieties.
  • Buttonhole Kale® – Starmaker

    Buttonhole Kale Starmaker
    Starmaker forms a small rosette head that makes a fantastic high value product for contemporary dining. Bold, bright pink ribs contrast against the dark green sweet leaf. The outer leaves can also be cut and used as a colourful shredded product to give added value.
  • Kale - Black Magic

    A new variety of black cabbage breed by Tozer Seeds. Winter hardy with darker, savoyed leaves than conventional varieties. Flavour improves with frost. Use as baby leaf as a savoyed brassica. Mature leaves grow as a rosette rather than on a true stem.
  • Kale - Black Jack F1

    cavolo nero raven f1
    The F1 hybrid cavolo nero has very uniform, thin, dark and well textured leaves which are perfect for bunching. This plant has a neat, rosette shaped plant habit which is easy to harvest. This variety is cold weather resistant and can stand tougher conditions. Bolt resistance is also high for this variety.
  • Kale Ebony

    Kale Cavolo Nero Ebony TZ 7566
    Ebony is a Lacinato kale which has a good upright plant shape with dark leaves which produce good yields. This variety has demonstrated good cold and bolt tolerance and is winter hardy. The leaves are suited for both whole leaf pack and shredding.
  • Kale – Mamba F1

    Kale Cavolo Nero Mamba
    New for Trial Kale Mamba F1 has an upright plant habit with good uniform, narrow leaves. It is high yielding and has excellent vigor. It is great for multiple harvests. Mamba F1 has also shown good resistance to foliar diseases.
  • Kale - Arun F1

    Kale Eden - Kale Arun - Kale TZ 6379
    Arun is the first F1 hybrid green curly kale from Tozer. Particularly suitable for bunching due to the long petiole and refined leaf shape. This variety has excellent yields and field performance under a range of conditions.
  • Kale – Dwarf Green Curled Afro

    Tozer Seed’s selection of Dwarf Green which stands severe winter weather extremely well. It has good uniformity for an open pollinated variety.
  • Kale – Red Russian

    Kale Red Russian
    Tender colourful, speciality for bunching and baby leaf. Leaves are flat with red purple / red veins, colour intensifies with the cooler temperature.