Kalettes® are a unique vegetable developed by Tozer and launched in 2010. The Kalette® is a cross between two real ‘Superfoods’, Brussels sprouts and kale. More information can be found on the official Kalettes® website:
  • Autumn Star

    TZ 0357 is the earliest of the three Kalettes® varieties, maturing from October. This variety has superb vigour and produces high yields of Kalettes® which are exceptionally easy to harvest. Remaining in good condition until at least the end of November, this variety develops a great sweet and nutty flavour as the season progresses. Approximately 180 days to maturity
  • Mistletoe F1

    TZ 0479 has exceptional maturity up the stem, this is the tallest of the three Kalettes® varieties and will produce high yields of tasty Kalettes® for the all-important Christmas period, remaining in top quality throughout the whole of November and December. Approximately 240 days to maturity .
  • Snowdrop

    Winter hardy Kalette Snowdrop
    Snowdrop is an extremely winter hardy Kalettes® variety. It has slightly shorter stems thank other varieties which are resistant to lodging in high winds. This variety matures from January to February. The Kalettes® remain in excellent condition during this challenging growing period. They have performed well in trials even in heavy snow and freezing conditions. Approximately 300 days to maturity