Sales for pumpkins have increased dramatically over the past few years and consumer demand is at an all-time high. We offer a wide range of varieties and are continually developing new ones. We carry out research to breed earlier ripening, long storage varieties with strong handles.

  • Baby Bear

    Pumpkin Baby Beartest
    The perfect mini pumpkin! At around 1kg with a slender handle, Baby Bear is small enough for young children to lift themselves. It has great appeal for decorative use, and its semi-hulless seeds are great for roasted snacks.
  • Limited availability via BUY NOW button below from Kings Seeds. Medium- to large-size Jack-o'-Lantern hybrid pumpkin with strong green handles. It's a bright orange globe shape with fruits about 6-10kg
  • Casperita F1

    small white Pumpkin Casperitatest
    New, very attractive, small white pumpkin. Produces a uniform crop with excellent skin finish and strong handles. Perfect for farm shop sales.
  • Gold Medal F1

    Hybrid Pumpkin Gold Medaltest
    Our best-selling larger variety, Gold Medal is a consistent performer.
  • Gold Speck F1

    Pumpkin Gold Speck F1test
    A prolific cropper with uniform fruits, Gold Speck is a firm favourite for the popular munchkin market. It has orange, scalloped fruit, approx. 110 grams. Most fruit set close to the crown early and escape virus flecking.
  • Goosebumps F1

    Medium warted Halloween pumpkin Goosebumpstest
    Medium sized, warted pumpkin, very popular for Halloween displays. Please note quantity of warts can vary depending on conditions.
  • Polar Bear F1

    White Pumpkin Polar Beartest
    Extra-large white pumpkin which retains its colour well after maturity in the field. Popular in decorative displays.  
  • Racer F1

    Best Selling Halloween Pumpkin Racer F1test
    5 to 7 kg round fruits with good colour and strong handles. Semi-bush variety which matures early. A consistent, high yielding pumpkin. Without doubt our best selling Halloween variety.
  • Rocket F1

    Large vine pumpkin Rockettest
    Uniform oval fruits with dark orange colouring and strong handles. Large vine type with mid-season maturity and good yields.  
  • TZ 9929 F1

    Small hybrid pumpkin TZ 9929test
    We are excited to introduce this dark orange small pumpkin to the UK market. It has performed consistently well in our trials in both Surrey and further north, offering a hybrid small variety as an alternative to Becky.
  • TZ 9960 F1 PMR

    Pumpkin TZ 9960 is a hybrid which has uniform oval fruits with dark orange colouring and strong handles. It is a large vine type with mid-season maturity and good yields.  
  • Limited availability via BUY NOW button below from Kings Seeds. Wicked is a hybrid variety. It has been bred to provide superb quality, larger ‘monster ’ Hallowe’en pumpkins. It is specifically suited to cultivation in the UK and will also suit other countries with a cooler climate. Because it is early maturing it does well even in poor summers.
  • Zombie

    Pumpkin Zombietest
    The scariest and wartiest Halloween pumpkin available! Pumpkin Zombie is a terrifying new development from Tozer that is perfect as a stand-out novelty for Hallowe’en and autumn displays. Zombie is a high yielding variety with uniformly warty fruits and the intensely warted skin is very thick to allow storage for extended periods in displays.