Sales for pumpkins have increased dramatically over the past few years and consumer demand is at an all-time high. We offer a wide range of varieties and are continually developing new ones. We carry out research to breed earlier ripening, long storage varieties with strong handles.
  • Baby Bear

    Pumpkin Baby Bear
    The perfect mini pumpkin! At around 1kg with a slender handle, Baby Bear is small enough for young children to lift themselves. It has great appeal for decorative use, and its semi-hulless seeds are great for roasted snacks.
  • Wicked F1

    Wicked is a hybrid variety. It has been developed to provide superb quality, larger ‘monster ’ Hallowe’en pumpkins. It is specifically suited to cultivation in the UK and will also suit other countries with a cooler climate. Because it is early maturing it does well even in poor summers. Seed available 2022
  • Zombie

    Pumpkin Zombie
    The scariest and wartiest Halloween pumpkin available! Pumpkin Zombie is a terrifying new development from Tozer that is perfect as a stand-out novelty for Hallowe’en and autumn displays. Zombie is a high yielding variety with uniformly warty fruits and the intensely warted skin is very thick to allow storage for extended periods in displays.