Tozer Seeds offers a range of oriental vegetable varieties, These can be grown as whole head product or used for baby leaf production. Oriental vegetables such as pak choi, komatsuna and mustard leaf are now more common in supermarkets; they can add flavour, texture and nutritional value to a meal especially when used as a whole head.

  • Komatsuna TSX 813 Japanese Spinach

    Fast growing and very uniform hybrid. Its dark green petioles are tender and juicy. Erect plants can be harvested young like spinach, as loose leaves or more mature like cabbage, as whole head. The flavour becomes stronger and spicier as the plants mature. There is a high nutritional level of calcium and potassium in the leaves. All year round production.
  • Mustard – Golden Streaks

    Very productive cut and come again baby leaf with finely dissected leaf. Light green in colour it has a mild spicy taste excellent in salads. . .
  • Mustard – Mizuna Greens Kyoto

    Kyoto has slender white stalks topped with 'feathery' dark green leaves. Sow in all seasons at high density for baby leaf and low density for whole head. Very cold tolerant.
  • Mustard – Ruby Streaks

    Mustard Ruby Streaks
    Very attractive mustard with delicate shape and mild, sweet mustard flavour.
  • Pak Choi – Green Revolution F1

    Slow bolting, green stemmed pak choi suitable for UK spring and autumn sowings. It's compact upright habit gives good head weights and is less prone to yellowing and disease.
  • Pak Choi – Summer Breeze F1

    Pak Choi Summer Breeze
    A heat tolerant variety which is suitable for UK summers as well as autumn. Plants are slightly taller than Green Revolution and have a high leaf count. Bacterial soft rot and white rust resistant.