Tozer Seeds began breeding wild arugula over 20 years ago. Our varieties are now grown extensively around the world. We are developing a selection of new varieties, providing growers with a more vigorous and slow bolting plant. They also have increased mildew resistance and improved shelf life.
  • Salad Arugula - Surrey

    Salad Rocket Astra
    Salad Arugula Surrey is a fantastic, vigorous variety which has a refined, heavily serrated leaf shape. It has extreme bolting tolerance and a great spicy flavor. It is also fast to establish even on cold soils.
  • Wild Arugula - Aphrodite

    Aphrodite is a new wild type of arugula which has intermediate resistance to mildew. It has a similar speed to Voyager and good jagged leaf shape from the first cut
  • Wild Arugula - Apollo

    Apollo is a new wild arugula variety which has intermediate mildew resistance. It delivers a similar vigour to Voyager with good uniformity. It also has a good colour and upright habit.
  • Wild Arugula - Athena

    Wild arugula Athena is part of our new breeding program which is developing lines with resistance to downy mildew. This variety has intermediate resistance. We carry out trials throughout Europe, Oceania and USA to monitor crops. These show a significantly reduced levels of mildew in the field compared to standard wild arugula varieties. Therefore this variety is an ideal choice…
  • Wild Arugula – Dragons Fire

    Wild Rocket Dragons Fire
    FOR TRIAL: A new unique wild arugula variety with an attractive red vein. It also has a great flavour and improved uniformity with good vigor
  • Wild Arugula – Eros

    Wild Rocket Eros
    A new wild arugula variety which has shown good mildew tolerance in trials in the UK, Spain, Northern Europe and the US. This variety is upright in habit. It has with fine leaves which are evenly serrated and have a good thickness.
  • Wild Arugula – Poseidon

    A new fast growing variety with high yields. It has shown good mildew tolerance in trials in the UK, Spain, Northern Europe and the US. It has nicely serrated, thick leaves.
  • Wild Arugula - Ares

    Ares is a new wild arugula variety with intermediate resistance to mildew. It is slow bolting with a decent growing speed. This variety has a similar leaf shape to Voyager but with a stronger colour.
  • Wild Arugula – Wildfire®

    Wild Arugula Wildfire
    Wildfire® was bred to be distinctive both in its flavor profile and its leaf shape. The flavor is hot and peppery; the leaves are less uniform than standard wild arugula giving this variety a more wild appearance.
  • Wild Arugula – Zeus

    Wild Arugula Zeus
    This wild arugula variety is a slower growing, slower bolting variety for the warmer months giving greater harvest flexibility. It has a darker, thicker leaf which may give improved shelf life and improved resistance to adverse weather. It also has intermediate mildew resistance.