When Tozer Seeds created Cilantro Calypso it was a breakthrough variety. It is widely recognized as the slowest bolting coriander variety available. It also has a low growing point which makes it suitable for ‘cut and come again’ production. Our work on cilantro has also led to the innovative Confetti type which is ideal for baby leaf salads. Our basil breeding work led to the introduction of Crimson King which is the most uniform and best tasting red basil variety available.
  • Basil – British Basil

    Selected to be suitable for growing outdoors in UK conditions. British Basil has a very robust, bright green leaf. It is more tolerant of colder conditions than other basils but still retains a traditional intense flavour.
  • Basil – Crimson King (PBR)

    Red Genovese type basil Crimson King
    A Tozer Seeds bred, red Genovese type basil variety. It is bred for its uniform leaves and greater vigour than other red varieties.
  • Cilantro - Bolero

    Coriander Bolero Cilantri Bolero
    Coriander Bolero has been developed to combine exceptional yields with good bolting tolerance and high vigour.  These traits ensure it has a wide growing window and therefore much greater cultivation flexibility.  The plants have a robust upright habit, the leaves are dark and glossy with a good flavour profile. .
  • Cilantro - Calypso

    Coriander Calypso is a slow bolting Tozer bred variety. It is substantially slower to bolt than any other coriander available. In our trials it is consistently 3 weeks slower to bolt than Santos. It also has a very low growing point which makes it possible for this variety to be cut and allowed to re-grow, therefore significantly reducing production times.…
  • Cilantro - Lemon

    Coriander Cilantro Lemon
    Cilantro Lemon, as its name suggests, has a citrus flavour and sweet taste. It is fast growing.
  • Cilantro - Confetti®

    Developed by Tozer Seeds to have frilly leaves and a subtle taste. Coriander Confetti is Ideal for bunching and for use as a garnish. Its unique shape means that it is less susceptible to leaf damage than other corianders.
  • Parsley – Giant Italian-Oscar

    A selection producing large, bold plain leaves with exceptional flavour. Very vigorous and productive. The long petioles hold the leaves well clear of the ground for ease of harvesting.