We offer a wide range of Leaf Vegetable Seeds; Herbs, Wild and Salad Rocket, Spinach, Chard and Lettuce.
  • Salad Rocket – Astra

    Salad Rocket Astra
    Salad Rocket Astra is a fantastic, vigorous variety which has a refined, heavily serrated leaf shape. It has extreme bolting tolerance and a great spicy flavour. It is also fast to establish even on cold soils.
  • Wild Rocket – Apollo

    Apollo is a new wild rocket variety which has intermediate mildew resistance. It delivers a similar vigour to Voyager with good uniformity. It also has a good colour and upright habit.
  • Wild Rocket – Artemis

    Wild Rocket Artemis
    Wild Rocket Artemis is an ideal variety for use in the summer period. It is extremely slow bolting with very dark, highly serrated leaves.
  • Wild Rocket – Athena

    Wild Rocket Athena is part of our new breeding program which is developing lines with resistance to downy mildew. This variety has intermediate resistance. We carry out trials throughout Europe, Oceania and USA to monitor crops. These show a significantly reduced levels of mildew in the field compared to standard wild rocket varieties. Therefore this variety is an ideal choice…
  • Wild Rocket – Saturn

    Saturn is a new wild rocket variety with intermediate resistance to mildew. It is slow bolting with a decent growing speed. This variety has a similar leaf shape to Voyager but with a stronger colour.
  • Wild Rocket – Voyager

    Voyager is a more vigorous, uniform and upright variety than standard varieties of wild rocket. It is slower to bolt with dark-green, thick leaves.
  • Rhubarb Chard Elite

    Elite has a rounder leaf than standard Rhubarb Chard with intense red veining. As with Intense, this variety has far fewer green 'off-types' than the standard. Mainly grown for baby leaf production. It is similar to Intense at the baby leaf stage but as it matures Elite has a slightly darker red leaf. Good upright habit and uniformity.
  • Rhubarb Chard Intense

    Rounder leaf than standard Rhubarb Chard with intense red veining. As with Elite this variety has far fewer green 'off-types' than the standard. Mainly grown for baby leaf production. Similar to Elite at baby leaf stage but as it matures Intense has a slightly lighter green leaf. Good upright habit and uniformity.
  • Ashbrook

    Lettuce Ashbrook
    A light green, very upright, well textured frilly oakleaf variety. Leaves are thick and waxy with shallow lobes and superb crunchy texture. Good for processing after de-coring. Upright, frilly crunchy leaves suits pre-pack, equally suited to whole head and baby leaf production. Excellent field mildew resistance.
  • Osterley

    A dark green, thick, crunchy cos leaf with a teardrop shape, slightly blistered and cupped. Ideal for processing and improving bag fill. Plants have a very upright habit, ideal for harvesting. Rugose, cupped dark green leaves are ideal for baby leaf production. Excellent mildew resistance. .
  • Basil – British Basil

    Selected to be suitable for growing outdoors in UK conditions. British Basil has a very robust, bright green leaf. It is more tolerant of colder conditions than other basils but still retains a traditional intense flavour.
  • Basil – Crimson King (PBR)

    Red Genovese type basil Crimson King
    A Tozer Seeds bred, red Genovese type basil variety. It is bred for its uniform leaves and greater vigour than other red varieties.
  • Coriander – Bolero

    Coriander Bolero Cilantri Bolero
    Coriander Bolero has been developed to combine exceptional yields with good bolting tolerance and high vigour.  These traits ensure it has a wide growing window and therefore much greater cultivation flexibility.  The plants have a robust upright habit, the leaves are dark and glossy with a good flavour profile. .
  • Coriander – Calypso™

    Coriander Calypso is a slow bolting Tozer bred variety. It is substantially slower to bolt than any other coriander available. In our trials it is consistently 3 weeks slower to bolt than Santos. It also has a very low growing point which makes it possible for this variety to be cut and allowed to re-grow, therefore significantly reducing production times.…
  • Coriander – Confetti®

    Developed by Tozer Seeds to have frilly leaves and a subtle taste. Coriander Confetti is Ideal for bunching and for use as a garnish. Its unique shape means that it is less susceptible to leaf damage than other corianders.
  • Coriander – Santos

    Coriander Santos
    The benchmark variety for field grown coriander. Santos combines slow bolting with an upright habit and excellent flavour. . .