We have a range of high yielding Brussels sprouts hybrids. They are all carefully developed with particular attention to flavour. Other important plant breeding characteristics include presentation, ease of picking and long standing in the field.

  • Bosworth F1

    Brussels Sprout Bosworth F1
    A midseason variety maturing before Trafalgar. Has excellent holding ability with firm, smooth, dark green, sweet tasting buttons. Shows intermediate downy mildew and ringspot resistance. Approximately 210 days to maturity.
  • A first early variety, maturing late August to October. Churchill produces good yields of tight, evenly spaced buttons with a superb flavour. Approximately 180 days to maturity .
  • Red Bull

    Brussels Sprout Red Bull
    Specialist variety producing red sprouts which improve in colour after cold weather. In our opinion the best red variety available. Approximately 210 days to maturity
  • Brussels Sprout Trafalgar is a tall, erect, late mid season variety with strong root system. Medium size smooth buttons of excellent flavour. Intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. Approximately 240 days to maturity