• Climbing Helda Bean Ogden

    Helda Bean Ogden
    This climbing or pole Helda bean has flat pods. It shows significantly higher yields in trials than all other commercial varieties. It has improved pod quality and tolerance to wind damage. It produces smooth, stringless pods 20 to 25cm in length. Sow in Feb to crop under glass and sow April to May outside, producing heavy crops July to Sept.
  • White Flowered – Moonlight

    Runner bean Monnlight
    The culmination of many years of breeding work, Moonlight is the earliest variety of a new line incorporating the genetics of climbing French bean types. This gives Moonlight all the flavour of a runner bean plus the potential for some self-pollination. The pods produced are very smooth and fleshy and approximately 25cm long.
  • White Flowered – White Emergo Snowy

    Runner Bean white flowered White Emergo Snowy
    Our own reselected and improved stock of this universally grown, white flowered variety. The pods are 24 to 28cm in length, smoother and better quality than other selections on the market. It performs and yields very well under higher temperatures, making it a good variety to grow in Africa and in the ever increasing temperatures of the British summer.
  • Bi-colour – St George

    Bi-colour runner bean St George
    A unique bi-colour variety. St George produces a prolific yield of 24 to 28 cm long pods which have been bred to pick easily and in a manner which lessens the potential for post-harvest disease.
  • White Flowered – White Lady

    This is one of the best tasting runner beans available. White Lady gives a high yield of good quality 28 to 30cm long smooth pods, with little fibre and a good snap.
  • Pink Flowered – Celebration

    SEED AVAILABLE in 2024
    Salmon pink flowered runner bean Celebration not only looks attractive but is a very heavy cropping variety. With high quality pods of 25cm it is ideal for the pre-pack market.
  • Red Flowered – Aintree

    Producing large yields of slender, smooth, straight pods of good colour, Aintree’s excellent flavour makes it a very popular variety. The pods are 25 to 28cm in length but can be longer if grown with high inputs. It sets well, even in higher temperatures.
  • Red Flowered – Firestorm

    Runner Bean Firestorm
    SEED AVAILABLE in 2024
    Our first red flowered runner bean variety produced as a result of our innovative cross between a runner bean and a French bean, Firestorm easily sets huge quantities of top quality 25cm pods.
  • Red Flowered – Polestar

    Runner Bean Polestar
    The first red flowered stringless variety with bright green, smooth, fleshy pods, 25 to 28cm in length. Its excellent eating qualities make Polestar an ideal variety for market and farm shop work.