Tozer Seeds developed the world’s first commercial F1 hybrid celery varieties and now lead the world in celery varietal development. The focus of our breeding programme is very closely linked to the needs of the various international end-market requirements. We breed for yield, resistance to bolting, good flavour, field holding ability and disease resistance. Many of our newest varieties have been created specifically for international markets such as the USA.
  • Hadrian F1

    Celery Hadrian F1
    Hadrian is the newest darker green celery variety showing good height and excellent weight in trials in Europe and USA. During the early sowings it has shown intermediate tolerance to bolting. And in the summer is less prone to producing side shoots than other varieties. Extensive trials are continuing across Europe and the USA where it shows good resistance to…
  • Julius F1

    Celery Julius F1
    This hybrid celery variety performs extremely well during the early part of the season in southern Europe. The petioles are tall, slim & parallel sided making it ideal for petiole packs as well as pre-pack sticks.
  • Loretta F1

    Celery Loretta F1
    Self-blanching hybrid. Vigorous and quick growing with succulent, smooth and upright sticks. A bold attractive variety with good flavour.
  • Monterey F1

    Celery Monterey F1
    Dark green, vigorous hybrid celery variety. Attractive, very fleshy tight sticks hold well in the autumn. Performs well in Southern Europe, the market leading variety in Spain.
  • Octavius F1

    Celery Octavius F1
    Mid green hybrid for field use, tall with slightly ribbed to smooth petioles. Heavy yielding with good standing ability and excellent flavour. Early to mid season production.
  • Remus F1

    Celery Remus F1
    This is our newest celery introduction for early and main season cropping to run alongside Victoria. Extensive UK trials have shown this variety to be quick to mature and gain weight early in the season and often slower to bolt than Victoria. With similar colour and texture to Victoria as well as excellent eating qualities we believe this variety will…
  • Victoria F1

    Celery Victoria F1
    This is the UK’s market leader for early and mid-season celery production. This variety is mid green colour, tall with fleshy petioles. This quick growing hybrid has good standing ability, is slow to bolt from early plantings and performs well under difficult spring conditions. Victoria is one of the best flavoured celery varieties available.