Tozer Seeds have been breeding marrows for over 40 years and are the only seed company to have bred hybrids. Our variety, Tiger Cross is the the most widely grown. Our primary breeding focus has been to reinvent the marrow by developing smaller, shorter fruit varieties. Bush Baby is a great variety for stuffing and can also be harvested as a baby marrow.
  • Bush Baby F1

    Attractive baby marrow with a bush type habit and good flavour. Bush baby has been bred to satisfy the market requirements for a smaller marrow. Approximately three quarters the size of a standard variety, Bush Baby is suited to both field and container production and produces a high count of fruits per plant over the season. Approximately 60 days to…
  • Tiger Cross F1

    An early bush variety with highly uniform mid green and cream striped fruits. The first hybrid to have intermediate resistance to Cucumber Mosaic Virus. It is now very popular and is grown across the UK and Europe. Approximately 70 days to maturity .