About Us

Independent British vegetable breeding company

Tozer are a successful, independent, vegetable plant breeding company based in the UK. We market our seeds around the world and have established businesses in the USA, Holland and Spain. We remain a family-owned business (our chairman, Peter Dawson and his son Laurence Dawson, Director of Agronomy, pictured), we cherish our traditions, whilst being committed to continuous innovation. We believe that our success is down to three fundamental things: our people, our plant breeding and our seeds

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Our People

We are committed to our customers, we seek to develop successful long term relationships with them based on honesty and openness. We are small, so our lines of communication are short, this means that we react to our customers’ needs quickly. We believe this sets us apart from many other seed companies

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Our Plant Breeding

Plant breeding is the very heart of our company, we are committed to continuous innovation, producing new varieties which quickly react to customer and market demands.

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Our Seeds

Whilst we breed new varieties at our home in the UK, our seeds are produced all over the world. In this way we ensure that we maximise the potential of our varieties and produce the highest quality seed. For us this is the absolute key to our success and we always strive to achieve this goal.

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