We’ve been responsible for the introduction of many new varieties of chilli pepper over the past two decades. We continue to both breed and screen new types and have recently introduced the world’s hottest F1 variety Armageddon. Quickfire is our latest addition which is by far the fastest maturing chilli we have ever seen in trial.
  • Armageddon F1

    Chilli Pepper Armageddon
    Armageddon is the world’s first F1 hybrid super-hot chilli. This gives the grower a fantastic advantage in terms of both improved plant vigor and fruit uniformity. This coupled with reduced days to maturity means it’s a vigorous, uniform, early fruiting variety with exceptional yields.
  • Flamethrower Red F1

    Chilli Pepper Red Flamethrower F1
    Flamethrower Red is a hybrid Habanero type of chilli pepper.  This variety produces late colouring fruits of red which are approximately ¾ ounce.  It is  a medium tall plant with fruit approximately 1 ³/₈ x 1 ³/₈ inches in size.
  • Spanish `Tapas' padron pepper. Fruits are conical, slightly wrinkled with a long curved stalk. Fruits should be picked at green immature stage when only a small percentage will be hot.
  • Quickfire

    A revolution in innovative chilli pepper breeding! Quickfire is by far the fastest maturing chilli we have ever seen in trial. It produces very compact, neat plants which are the perfect size for even the smallest sunny windowsill. Each plant yields a profusion of small fiery fruits which ripen to red. Chillies are ready in as quickly as 50 days…