The incorporation of green plant tissue into the soil is an ancient practice known as ‘green manuring’. Our green manure products have been bred specifically to produce large quantities of biomass and contain high levels of the specific desirable glucosinolates and enzymes required for the biofumigation process.

    • Caliente Mustard Rojo

      Caliente Rojo
      Caliente Mustard Rojo has been bred to produce up to 10% more Isothiocyanates and even more biomass in a shorter growth period than our most popular and proven variety Caliente 199. Manage nematodes & pathogens, and build up soil quality. Can produce 80 tons per ha of fresh weight biomass if given sufficient nutrients and water. Manages a wide range…
    • Caliente Mustard Superhot 199

      Hottest variety, giving the best biofumigant action due to very high levels of glucosinolates (30% more ITC than our previous basis Blend 119). Requires good growing conditions. Fertiliser inputs and irrigation are essential for best results from this variety. Recommended seeding rate: 8-10 kg/ha. Timing for incorporation is key for maximum effect. For March to June sowing this normally coincides…