Tozer have recently introduced new F1 hybrid leek varieties. These are the result of many years of breeding. They have dark green, robust, thin leaves and are easy to peel with bulb free shanks. We are convinced our new varieties will compete with the leading varieties around the world.
  • Lancaster F1

    A variety developed for the second early and main season growing period. The dark green foliage, erect leaf habit and excellent leaf uniformity make this an ideal pre-pack variety. Shank length and quality is characterised by smooth skin and compact finish with excellent weight potential. Lancaster is an excellent winter hardy variety with good bolting tolerance.
  • Canterbury F1

    Leek Canterbury F1
    Leek Canterbury is a second early to main season variety, good shank length for pre pack.
  • Exeter F1

    Leek Exeter F1
    This hybrid leek has long shank with a dark green color, good uniformity and it is high yielding. It is upright and has good cleaning ability. Suitable for main season growing period.
  • Ascot F1

    Leek Ascot is a main-late pre pack and fresh market variety. It is a main to first late variety which has also shown potential as a second early. It has good leaf quality.
  • Norwich F1

    This hybrid variety is an improved Lancaster type. It has similar vigor but tighter leaf stacking and it is more erect. Suitable for the main and late season growing period.