Sabre F1

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A main season, high yielding parsnip with a smooth white skin which has good resistance to canker. The variety has an improved slender shape and holds it weight nicely down the root. Also, works well for storage and can hold its white colour

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    Parsnip Javelin F1
    Consistent, reliable, flexible and very well proven, Javelin is the most successful commercial F1 hybrid parsnip available. Javelin produces a slender wedge shaped root-ideal for pre-pack market. Shallow crowns make for easy cleaning. Can be sown throughout the sowing year and its tremendous field holding capacity and excellent canker resistance means it can be cropped almost continually from July to…
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    Presents a refined regular obovate root shape with white skin and strong resistance to root canker. Very early bulking and is ideal for lifting through to late autumn. . . .
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    Parsnip Warrior
    Parsnip Warrior produces an attractive white root that carries its weight well down the length of the root. It is very early bulking with vigorous foliage. Warrior has shown strong tolerance to root canker and is ideal for lifting through to late winter.