Julius F1

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This hybrid celery variety performs extremely well during the early part of the season in southern Europe. The petioles are tall, slim & parallel sided making it ideal for petiole packs as well as pre-pack sticks.

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  • Victoria F1

    Celery Victoria F1
    This is the UK’s market leader for early and mid-season celery production. This variety is mid green colour, tall with fleshy petioles. This quick growing hybrid has good standing ability, is slow to bolt from early plantings and performs well under difficult spring conditions. Victoria is one of the best flavoured celery varieties available.
  • Tiberius F1

    Celery Tiberius
    A tall pre pack celery variety for the Northern Hemisphere which has great color throughout the petioles. Due to its uniform petioles it can be used as a pre pack and in the ‘stick’ market. This makes it a very versatile variety.