History Tozer Seeds

Why us

Tozer Seeds have been and remain an independent family owned business. At heart our company has survived and prospered because we have focused on innovation and quality. From our beginnings in 1939 we have always maintained a core of people with a passion for plants.


For us the production and delivery of vegetable seed and the development of new innovative varieties remains a challenging and rewarding business. From the initial breeding stage until the commercial trials we try to continuously monitor the market to ensure we introduce products with the right flavour, texture and shelf life.

Tozer steers a path between science and nature, we are keen to incorporate the very best in modern scientific understanding into our work but also keen to maintain the idiosyncratic side of our business which we believe helps to nurture the unrivalled innovation to be found here.


We maintain a large range of products from the truly niche and unique such as Sunbeam marrow to internationally grown market leaders such as parsnip Javelin.

We are committed to improving all aspects of our business and hope to provide satisfaction to our customers through our products and through our customer service. Please let us know how we’re doing and where you think we could improve.