Product Development

Product development is a complex process which is vital in the marketing of Tozer Seeds’ products. In this process we establish breeding aims to ensure a targeted product introduction of new vegetables. All potential new products are then evaluated extensively to ensure that we enhance our product portfolio to appeal to a wide international customer base.


Our product development staff carry out extensive product trials in locations around the world in order to build up an extensive knowledge and understanding of our products and their capabilities. This enables us to have full confidence in our products when we market them to our customers.

Trials of new products are carried out in different locations, initially at our HQ in Surrey but then with specialist growers in different regions and with independent trial companies. Trials are grown as near as possible to the way growers produce their crops commercially, this promotes a more accurate understanding of production in a commercial field situation.


At each of these steps the product developer will be assessing the new varieties against existing varieties and liaising with both the breeder and the sales staff. He or she will also be keeping a detailed record of performance.

It is not unusual for varieties to be trialled over a period of years to build up the required data needed to offer the product for sale, many of our product development reports and details of upcoming trials can be found on the news feed of our website.


Once the product development team and the sales staff have decided to move forward with a certain variety we will involve our partners within the supply chain to discuss the potential of a new variety.

On many occasions a retail concept emerges from these discussions and new varieties are put to the test in processing plants and are tested in terms of packaging and shelf life. It normally takes a few years before a new product finally hits the retail shelf because it needs to be tested extensively to ensure it will succeed in a competitive environment.