Tozer key products

Key Products

Tozer Seeds have been at the forefront of successful F1 celery and parsnip development for many decades and we consider ourselves to have probably the most extensive breeding programmes anywhere for these species.  Other key products for us include salad onion, wild rocket, leek, runner beans and new generation kales (including the unique Kalette®).


Key products in the Tozer Seeds’ breeding programme are celery, parsnip, leek, salad onion, rocket, runner beans and Kalettes®. Flavour and field performance around the world are main objectives in all our programmes. Besides this we are always looking for new ways to enter the market with niche products within each key category.


The focus of our breeding programme is very closely linked to the needs of the various international end market requirements. We breed for yield, resistance to bolting, good flavour, field holding ability and disease resistance. Many of our newest varieties have been created specifically for international markets such as the USA


The development of new and improved parsnip varieties has been important in the history of Tozer Seeds. We pioneered the development of F1 hybrid varieties with the release of Gladiator in 1982 and the very successful Javelin in 1991. We are continuing to develop new hybrids with good vigour, canker resistance, shallow crowns, smooth skin, resistance to bruising and white roots of uniform shape and size. Our latest variety, developed with international as well as UK growers in mind, is Warrior (TZ 9043)


Tozer Seeds have been leading the market with our open pollinated varieties and have now expanded and improved our range of hybrids. The results of many years of breeding are now becoming available, with many new varieties due for release within the coming years. Market standards require leeks to have a dark green, robust thin leaf, accompanied with easy to peel leaves and bulb free shanks. We are convinced our new varieties will be able to compete with the leading varieties in the world market.

Salad Onion

Tozer Seeds are continuing to develop new salad onion varieties in the A. cepa, A. fistulosum and the interspecific species. A. cepa varieties such as Ramrod, Eiffel and the red Apache have proven to provide growers with reliable crops. Our aim is to further develop an improved Guardsman and increase the assortment of A. fistulosum varieties in the near future.


Tozer Seeds is at the forefront of developing and breeding new rocket varieties. We aim to develop a selection of new varieties, providing supermarkets with a hotter flavour and more interesting leaf shapes for salad packets; providing the grower with an easier plant to grow that is more vigorous, slow bolting and with darker leaves. Improved shelf life is also a key development aim for our breeders.


Nominated for the Fruit Logistica innovation award 2013, Kalettes (formerly known as Flower Sprout®) are a brand new and unique vegetable. Kalettes® were developed to meet the demands of the modern domestic kitchen: Ease of preparation; a quick rinse before cooking, versatile Kalettes® can be steamed, stir-fried, roasted, microwaved or boiled. Great Flavour; Kalettes® are milder and sweeter than Brussels Sprouts. They have a distinct nutty flavour and are great as a stand-alone vegetable or can be used within more complex recipes. (

Runner Beans

The Tozer Seeds’ runner bean breeding programme is probably the most extensive runner bean programme anywhere. We have created a new generation of varieties with improved pod set, smoother fleshier pods, reduced string and enhanced flavour. Moonlight (white flowered) and Firestorm (red flowered) are excellent examples. This work has essentially re-invented the runner bean for a wider range of consumer, although we still work to maintain and improve our traditional runner bean varieties such as Enorma and White.