Tozer Seeds endeavour to farm in a responsible manner, taking into account the natural environment and our natural resources.

On our own nurseries we adhere to strict crop rotations to prevent build-up of disease and imbalance of nutrients. We regularly utilise green manures and recycled municipal compost to improve the soil organic matter in both our open field production areas and under glass.

Plant health is important when vegetable crops are grown for seed, as they are in the soil for a considerably longer time than food crops. We therefore have to use a number of pesticides to maintain the high quality of our products. All our spray operators are highly trained and hold current relevant qualifications. Our BASIS and FACTS certified agronomist ensures that sprays, fertilisers and field operations are carried out responsibly and that we adhere to Good Agricultural Practice guidelines.

We endeavour to reduce our usage of chemical pesticides by making extensive use of natural alternatives. We routinely use biological predators in our protected cropping areas to control certain insect pests, plus blow flies, bumble bees and our own honey bees for pollination of seed crops. The use of these biological controls and pollinators restricts the pesticides we can apply and hence we use the minimum necessary. We also use wherever possible, reduced risk products for pest and disease control (those products which have a reduced impact on the environment, the spray operator and non-target insects).

We monitor and try to reduce our water usage by using metered irrigation drip lines, which are not only more efficient at providing water where the plant needs it, but also reduces leaf wetness and hence disease. Our usage of fungicides is therefore greatly reduced.