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Covid 19 update for 2021


6th January 2021

Tozer Seeds and COVID 19

As we enter another period of lockdown in England, we assure you that we continue to work to bring you our products, whilst maintaining the safety of all our staff, customers and suppliers.

We continue to monitor government guidelines and ensure that our staff work safely to protect their health and the health of all our business partners. We will continue providing you with an efficient service.

Business Continuity

Our business remains focussed on enabling the supply of seed as it is an essential part of global food security and vital for the continuity of our customers’ businesses. The steps we put in place at the beginning of the pandemic are still being followed.

 All staff who are able to, can work at home. We therefore ask customers to communicate initially via email where possible. Should the office become short staffed, this will ensure the speediest response.

We have implemented an on-site policy to keep staff contact to a minimum. We also have a robust plan to help ensure business continuity in the event of significant staff absence.

Next steps

Our senior management group meets regularly, so that we can react very quickly to any new challenges. If our services are likely to be interrupted we will contact you as soon as possible.

We would like to wish you a healthy and successful new year. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Steve Winterbottom

Managing Director





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