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Covid-19 update


Tozer Seeds and Coronavirus

Tozer Seeds recognise that we are currently experiencing an unprecedented situation which requires nations, communities and individuals to take multiple steps to mitigate the exceptional risk we are currently facing.

First and foremost our responsibility is to the safety of our staff and business partners.  We are continually monitoring advice from government and the NHS and are acting upon this.

Business Continuity
We are aware that the supply of seed is an essential part of global food security and vital for the continuity of our customers’ businesses.  We have taken steps to ensure that all staff who can work at home are able to, consequently our office may be unmanned, we therefore ask customers to communicate via email where possible.  We have implemented a policy on site to keep staff contact to a minimum, and have developed a robust plan to help ensure business continuity in the event of significant staff absence.

Next steps
Our senior management group is currently meeting daily, so that we can react very quickly to any new challenge.  We will continually be looking to find solutions to any problems which are thrown at us, if our services are likely to be interrupted we will contact you as soon as possible.

Good luck and best wishes


Steve Winterbottom

Managing Director


September 8, 2021

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