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Horticultural research is the hallmark of Tozer and Pop Vriend Seeds and the key to the development of our new varieties: varieties that are more resistant, more productive, and of the highest quality to meet the demands of international markets.

To offer you just what you need!

The aim is to provide you with exactly what you need. Come along to our Open Days 2024 by Tozer & Pop Vriend and get a detailed insight into all the new varieties we have for you.

Here's a sneak peek!



Pop Vriend presents Ipace, the latest addition to its range of chard. Fast-growing and highly productive, Ipace also stands out for its attractive colour. As well as Ipace, you can discover the rest of the chard range in the Dutch firm's catalogue.



The sector has endorsed the Cleopatra variety as the breakthrough product of last season. Alongside it you'll find more than twenty varieties of celery to round off the range that Tozer has to offer.



Discover some twenty varieties, including improved hybrid kale and resistant varieties of Cavolo Nero. This is a contemporary and attractive range that puts a premium on product versatility and flavour.



This year, Tozer is featuring its range of salad onions for the first time. All five varieties in its catalogue will be on show in Murcia. These include the Eiffel and Ramrod varieties, the leading spring onions in the European market.



Every variety of coriander will be on show, both commercial and pre-commercial. It is worth highlighting the launch of the Bolero variety, whose medium growth speed means it can be grown all year round.



As the world leader in spinach, Pop Vriend will be showing what their slogan “focus is our genes" is all about. It has almost 50 varieties on the market, notable to answer the needs of their customers in terms of quality, yield and resistency. For the coming season, the company will be highlighting the properties of the varieties Quartz, Azurite and Dolomite.


Getting a good, healthy start to a crop is essential to it's performance. INITIO is a nutrient rich coating that gives a strong start to your spinach and chard crop, helping it reach its full growth and yield potential. Check it out in trial at the Open Days!



In the leek segment, Tozer will be presenting the seven varieties obtained by natural hybridization, whose strengths include product uniformity and suitability for pre-packaging.



There will be a special place for rocket with more than fifteen varieties on show. In this category, Tozer is focusing its efforts on guaranteeing the longest possible shelf life for its new varieties, combined with the development of plants that are easy to cultivate and have a more piquant flavour.

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