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  • Savoy – Victory F1

    Semi Savoy cabbage Victory F1
    Hybrid semi-savoy variety for spring, summer and autumn production. Outer leaves are an attractive dark green with bright green inner head. Excellent round head shape and very good internal fill with short core (less than 35%). Has good wrapper leaves. Inner leaves are tender and crunchy and have an excellent very sweet and mild cabbage flavour.
  • Swift F1

    Sweetcorn Swift
    Early Extra-Tender variety with excellent extra-tender flavour and eating quality. Recommended for farm shop and farmers market sales.
  • Bred to perform well in the September to February period but is at its best from November to February. Produces good sized spears ideal for fresh market sales and prepack. Plants are large framed and suit fertile, heavy soil types.
  • Viking F1

    parsnip Viking
    Viking is an early maturing line with vigorous foliage. Its long roots are slender wedge shaped that are well filled. The root holds its weight down the root resulting in higher yield and a more consistent product for roasting.