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  • Hadrian F1

    Celery Hadrian F1test
    Hadrian is the newest darker green celery variety showing good height and excellent weight in trials in Europe and USA. During the early sowings it has shown intermediate tolerance to bolting. And in the summer is less prone to producing side shoots than other varieties. Extensive trials are continuing across Europe and the USA where it shows good resistance to…
  • Rivalry F1

    Celery RivalryF1test
    New F1 from Tozer Seeds. This variety has performed well in main season onwards. Rivalry has shown excellent tolerance to race 2 Fusarium. The color is a nice medium/dark green with high yielding petiole counts. Nice and compact, Rivalry is another choice when it comes to hybrid celery.
  • Tiberius F1

    Celery Tiberiustest
    A tall pre pack celery variety for the Northern Hemisphere which has great color throughout the petioles. Due to its uniform petioles it can be used as a pre pack and in the ‘stick’ market. This makes it a very versatile variety.
  • TZ 6200 F1

    Hybrid celery TZ 6200test
    This hybrid celery has a tall, dark stick variety ideal for mid-season plantings onwards. It performs extremely well in the USA where it displays excellent fusarium resistance. It produces heavy yields with relatively smooth petioles and easily trimmed sticks. A compact tidy plant. The flavour is consistent with a typical mild celery taste. It is tall and as a result…