Tozer Seeds has a number of Purple Sprouting Broccoli F1 hybrid varieties. Our varieties of this traditional winter vegetable cover most of the cropping season in northern latitudes.
  • Red Admiral F1

    Purple Sprouting Broccoli Red Admiraltest
    Our first hybrid purple sprouting broccoli is Red Admiral. It is designed to crop in the important December to January window. The vigorous plants produce prolific high quality spears. The spears have small heads which are ideal for the premium prepack market and loose head sales. The spears are medium sized, dark purple and have an excellent flavour.
  • Red Fire F1

    Purple Sprouting Broccoli Red Fire F1test
    This outstanding winter hardy variety produces uniform, erect plants. They mature from the end of January to start of March depending upon the sowing date and location. The stems are easy to pick with excellent colour and medium to large heads with 8-15cm stem diameter. It is generally best for one main pick with a follow-up secondary pick after 10…
  • Rudolph

    Purple Sprouting Broccoli Rudolphtest
    Bred to perform well in the September to February period but is at its best from November to February. Produces good sized spears ideal for fresh market sales and prepack. Plants are large framed and suit fertile, heavy soil types.
  • Summer Purple

    Purple sprouting broccoli Summer Purpletest
    Summer Purple was bred for summer/autumn production. It crops from late June to October depending upon sowing date, season and the location. A versatile variety with large frame. It has good yields over a long cropping period.