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Tozer Seeds

Tozer Seeds is an independent British vegetable breeding company, founded in 1939 by Mr. Arthur Tozer. Initially a local company, by the 1970s Tozer was supplying seed to commercial growers across the UK. Today we have offices in Spain and in the USA and our seed is sold and grown across the globe through our network of distributors.

About Tozer Seeds Ltd

We have developed innovative, market leading varieties in many vegetables categories and now breed on a broad range of crops.


We aim to provide consistent quality seed and service, whilst continuing the company tradition of innovation within plant breeding. We strive to ensure that all of our seed is healthy, pure and has the highest possible germination.

We also work closely with our customers to provide the vegetable varieties they require in a continuously changing marketplace and we aim to develop strong relationships with customers, suppliers and other partners throughout the supply chain.


Tozer has remained in family ownership since 1939. We are the largest independent UK vegetable breeding company and we are committed to providing our staff with a challenging and supportive work environment. Honesty and integrity are key factors in our business relations.


Our business continues to develop in areas across the globe. Tozer Seeds remains an independent vegetable seed supplier with staff who are passionate and committed. Emphasis lies on developing new and innovative products with excellent flavour and good field performance which will help growers to produce crops of the highest quality.

THE TEAM – US Office

Danny Kleinsmith


t: +1 805 922 6300

Kraig Kuykendall

General Manager

t:   +1 805 922 6300
m: +1 805 863 3714

Anthony Stevenson

Area Sales Representative

t:   +1 805 922 6300
m: +1 207-530-4960

Mandy Ramirez

Office Manager

t: +1 805 922 6300

Rick Gracia

Operations Manager

t:   +1 805 922 6300