Products beginning with the letter W

White Emergo Snowy

Our own reselected and improved stock of this universally grown, white flowered variety.

White Lady

Said to be the best tasting runner bean available. White Lady gives a high yield of good quality 28 to 30cm long smooth pods, with little fibre and a good snap.

White Lisbon

Original, A. cepa variety for the salad onion market. Still widely used for a range of applications to back up the more specialised varieties. Our stock of this White Lisbon is always well received by growers.


An intense dark red slender leaf with a very erect habit. Mildew resistance: BI 1-16, 19, 21 and 23.

White Spear

White Spear has very white smooth skin and bulks extremely rapidly in the spring from an early sowing. Its root shape is obovate. It is best lifted in the early summer months. Later sowings will hold into the autumn but the growing period to harvest suitability is always short. White Spear will continue to grow past the ideal market size and can produce enormous roots if allowed to grow on.