Products beginning with the letter S

Snowstorm TZ 8005

A white flowered variety with longer pods of up to 30cm. Snowstorm has vastly improved set and eating quality compared with traditional runner beans, as a result of the incorporation of French bean genetics.

St George

A unique bi-colour variety. St George produces a prolific yield of 25 to 30cm long pods which have also been bred to pick easily.

Sweet Oak Leaf (TZ 5007)

This high yielding variety is easy to grow and makes a great alternative to standard rockets.


A red cos batavia variety with intense cherry-red colouration in the leaf and stem. Leaves have a broad teardrop shape with a serrated leaf margin.


A light green, very upright, well textured frilly oakleaf variety. Leaves are thick and waxy with shallow lobes and superb crunchy texture.

Sweet Olive F1

Outdoor hybrid determinate baby plum type. Small red fruits about 10g and of excellent flavour. Ideal for plant sales.

Santonio F1

Santa type for single harvest. Stunning glossy red fruits with good texture and sweet flavour. Vigorous plant habit with strong setting ability.

Ship Saint F1

A unique variety with oval, red plum sized fruits with a distinctive large calyx. Thick crunchy flesh and superb sweet flavour. Long jointed and vigorous growth habit.

Speciality Kale TZ 7262

A speciality leaf kale which can be used from baby leaf right through to mature plants. Interesting serrated leaf shape. Very winter hardy and mild sweet flavour. Green with purple veins.


A new dark red variety. The attractive rugose leaves have a twist and a slight wave to the margin. Mildew resistance: Bl 1-16, 19, 21 and 23.