Products beginning with the letter S

Salad Rocket Fireworks (TZ 0473)

Red veined salad type with a distinct, olive shaped leaf. This has great spicy flavor with a very unique look.

Snowstorm TZ 8005

A white flowered variety with longer pods of up to 30cm. Snowstorm has vastly improved set and eating quality compared with traditional runner beans, as a result of the incorporation of French bean genetics.

St George

A unique bi-colour variety. St George produces a prolific yield of 25 to 30cm long pods which have also been bred to pick easily.


A red cos batavia variety with intense cherry-red colouration in the leaf and stem. Leaves have a broad teardrop shape with a serrated leaf margin.


A light green, very upright, well textured frilly oakleaf variety. Leaves are thick and waxy with shallow lobes and superb crunchy texture.