Products beginning with the letter R

Red Rum

Ideal where an early, heavy crop of beans are required for open market, farm shop or general sales.

Resistafly F1

Tozer Seed's latest carrot root fly resistant variety. A Nantes hybrid with long, well coloured and smooth roots.

Rocket F1

Early hybrid of excellent colour with freedom from green shoulder. A Tozer Seed's development.

Rocket Wild TZ 9029 (slow bolting)

Slow bolting under challenging mid-summer growing conditions and with superb vigour and flavour, TZ 9029 allows greater flexibility for wild rocket cultivation

Rhubarb Chard

Magnificent red petioles, mid rib and veins add colour to salads as a baby leaf.


Bred to perform well in the September to February period but is at its best from November to February.

Red Admiral F1

Our first hybrid, Red Admiral is designed to crop in the important December to January window.

Red Bull

Specialist variety producing red sprouts which improve in colour after cold weather. In our opinion the best red variety available.

Red Russian Kale

Tender, colourful speciality for bunching and baby leaf. A distinctive shape and texture for salad packs.

Red Arrow

Produces medium sized, uniform deep purple spears with good flavour from February to April. Ideal for fresh market sales and prepack.


A large framed traditional double red oakleaf/salad bowl with deeply cut leaves. Our most highly mildew resistant variety. Stands very well.

Red Fire TZ 5055 F1

Uniform, tall vigorous plants which mature from early to late February. The heads are easy to pick, medium to large in size with 8-10cm stem diameter and excellent dark purple colour.


Very versatile, being used for both spring and autumn production. Very popular and a superb stablemate to Eiffel.

Resolution F1 (savoy)

A mid-season Savoy for mid October - mid December harvesting. Mid-green and attractive with solid round heads.

Royal Flush F1 TZ 9973

Bred to produce high yields of baby courgettes which are perfectly proportioned miniatures of standard courgettes. Can also be left to form larger fruits.


The earliest of the Tozer Seeds January King hybrids, maturing from October to February. Robin has solid medium sized heads which colour up quickly. Overall a superb January King cabbage.


For March to April production. Medium sized dark purple well flavoured spears on large framed plants. Ideal for fresh market sales and prepack.

Red Meteor

Early open pollinated variety with round heads.

Roulette F1

Medium sized green heads are a good round shape, dense with a short core and sweet taste. Crops in the autumn and early winter.

Red Spear

Outstanding cropper for the February to March harvest period with good spear colour and size on a medium size frame. Heavy cropper. Ideal for fresh market sales and prepack.