Products beginning with the letter P


Spanish `Tapas' pepper. Fruits are conical, slightly wrinkled with a long curved stalk. Fruits should be picked at green immature stage when only a small percentage will be hot.

Parador F1

Typical golden yellow courgette fruits. High yielding, easy to see and pick. An improved Gold Rush type.

Patriot F1

Extremely prolific hybrid from Tozer. Early fruiting, fairly dark green, smooth and shiny fruits which are easy to see and pick.

Pegasus (TZ 5005)

Pegasus has a very upright habit keeping the crop clean and a refined leaf shape with a great flavour.

Perpetual Spinach

Our own maintenance of this favourite for spring or July sowing. Attractive mid green, spear shaped leaves. Stands well without bolting.


Red flowered, self-stopping dwarf variety with smooth, straight pods of short to medium length (20 to 24cm).


The first red flowered stringless variety with bright green, smooth, fleshy pods. Its excellent eating qualities make Polestar an ideal variety for market and farm shop work.

Piccolo F1

A real dual-purpose variety. Produces and abundance of nearly round green striped courgettes which are a great shape for kebabs.

Pyramid F1

Hybrid Duncan type. Dark green, winter hardy for full hearts and greens production throughout the season. Good standing ability and very versatile.

Pot Black TZ 0480

Compact bushy plants great for container growing with fantastic black leaves and a profusion of attractive purple flowers. Small edible black fruits 3-4 cm long ripening to red. Scoville rating 44,000.

Providence F1 (savoy)

An attractive dark blue - green early mid-season Savoy with fine, deeply blistered leaves.

Panchito F1 0401 BP

Golden Santa type producing plum shaped golden yellow fruits with wonderful favour. Fruit size approx 16-18g.

Polo F1

Polo is a high yielding variety with intermediate bolting resistance and a mid to dark green colour. Polo is suitable for both protected and open field production and has performed particularly well in Italy and southern Europe where a shorter plant type is required for sale as a whole plant.

Parsley Frison

Darker than Moss Curled, high yielding and very well suited to bunching. Can overwinter.

Parsley Giant Italian-Oscar

A selection producing large, bold plain leaves with exceptional flavour. Very vigorous and productive.

Parsley Bravour

An outstanding variety with dark green, fine curled foliage said to have exceptional flavour.

Parsley Robust

Densely curled dark green foliage. Strong stems make this a very useable variety for bunching throughout the year.