Products beginning with the letter P

Parador F1

Typical golden yellow courgette fruits. High yielding, easy to see and pick. An improved Gold Rush type.


Red flowered, self-stopping dwarf variety with smooth, straight pods of short to medium length (20 to 24cm).


The first red flowered stringless variety with bright green, smooth, fleshy pods. Its excellent eating qualities make Polestar an ideal variety for market and farm shop work.

Pyramid F1

Hybrid Duncan type. Dark green, winter hardy for full hearts and greens production throughout the season. Good standing ability and very versatile.

Pentland Brigg

Pentland Brig is an old-fashioned variety with a slightly less curled leaf than most standard kales and has a distinct paler leaf yet it is extremely winter hardy. It can be sown from March onwards either as a standard kale and the whole leaves used or shredded, or grown on closer spacing and used at 'teen' leaf size.