Products beginning with the letter M

Mid - Mistletoe

TZ 0479 has exceptional maturity up the stem, this is the tallest of the three KalettesĀ® varieties and will produce high yields of tasty Kalettes for the all-important Christmas period, remaining in top quality throughout the whole of November and December.

Monsoon (TZ 9224) F1

An early maturing variety that will yield around four 4-6 lb fruit per plant.


Like Stardust, Moonlight is a new type of runner bean containing attributes of climbing French beans--unique self-setting properties, a much improved fleshier, smoother pod with improved shelf life. Moonlight is slightly later than Stardust but more prolific and produces pods approximately 25cm long. Plant breeder's rights granted.


A unique, freckled baby leaf lettuce with a wavy leaf and upright habit. Good field resistance to mildew.

Manchester Market

A traditional green top variety, with white flesh. A main crop type that has good storage potential.


An excellent round Monogerm beet, having good vigour, uniform globe shape, smooth skin and very dark internal colour.