Products beginning with the letter M


Mildew resistant, purple topped variety of excellent quality. Suitable for module raising and for early spring and late winter and overwintering crops. Resistant to splitting and soft rot. Widely adapted.


Purple top, uniform, high yielding variety in NIAB trials. Bred in Wales with some clubroot and mildew resistance. Popular for winter and autumn use.

Midnight F1

High yielding variety. Dark green glossy fruits produced on very compact, completely spineless plants. Easy to pick.

Monterey F1

Dark green vigorous variety. Attractive, very fleshy tight sticks hold well in the autumn. Performs well in Southern Europe, the market leading variety in Spain.


Like Stardust, Moonlight is a new type of runner bean containing attributes of climbing French beans--unique self-setting properties, a much improved fleshier, smoother pod with improved shelf life. Moonlight is slightly later than Stardust but more prolific and produces pods approximately 25cm long. Plant breeder's rights granted.

Marabel F1 (Jan. King)

The original Tozer January King hybrid. High yielding and very long standing.


A unique, freckled baby leaf lettuce with a wavy leaf and upright habit. Good field resistance to mildew.

Montgomery F1

High yielding, high quality sprouts with very attractive neat finish and good flavour. Good tolerance to lodging.

Manchester Market

A traditional green top variety, with white flesh. A main crop type that has good storage potential.

Morello (Lollo Rossa)

A triple cherry-red Lollo Rossa with a medium frame, small core and colour deep into the heart. A long standing variety. Mildew resistance: Bl 1-16, 19, 21 and 23.


A round monogerm beet with uniform shape and smooth skin. Produces a smaller beet than Monogram.


An excellent round Monogerm beet, having good vigour, uniform globe shape, smooth skin and very dark internal colour.