Products beginning with the letter L

Loretta F1

Self blanching hybrid. Vigorous and quick growing with succulent, smooth and upright sticks. A bold attractive variety with good flavour.

Lunar (formerly Ping Pong)

Interesting pure white variety, good shape and uniformity. Nice crisp texture contrasts very well with other varieties in a mixed pack.


Tozer Seeds bred. Medium green leaves with long shanks. Ideal for late autumn production before the serious frosts set in.

Little Gem-Pearl

High quality selection of this well known lettuce. Very uniform compact habit and a well filled heart.

Lathom blanching - Galaxy

Our own maintenance of this variety. Slow to bolt and slower growing compared to the hybrids.


Lancer produces excellent yields of obtriangular shaped roots with a white skin. It is best sown in the main spring period with lifting in the autumn and early winter.