Products beginning with the letter G

Golden Detroit

Round orange roots which turn deep yellow when cooked. Unlike red beets, the flesh of Golden Detroit does not bleed.

Gladiator F1

Gladiator presents a refined regular obovate root shape with white skin. It is very early bulking and is ideal for lifting through to late autumn in the UK.


A much more refined highly serrated leaf shape than standard wild rockets, Gourmet is also consistently the slowest variety to bolt in our trials.

Golden Heat F1

New bright orange Serenade type. Produces smooth straight green with fruits ripening to orange. Very vigorous with good shelf life at maturity.


Guardsman combines the non bulbing qualities of A.fistulosum varieties and the reduced pungency qualities of A. cepa types.

Glacier F1

A new white stemmed pak choi that has been bred under British conditions to be very slow to bolt even in mid-summer, giving good harvest flexibility.