Products beginning with the letter F

Firenze F1

This variety out performs Ambassador in yield and grade out. Very slender, straight dark fruit.


Our first red flowered runner bean variety produced as a result of our innovative cross between a runner bean and a French bean, Firestorm easily sets huge quantities of top quality 25cm pods.

Flower Sprout Early TZ 0357

TZ 0357 is the earliest of the three Flower Sprout® varieties, maturing from October. This variety has superb vigour and produces high yields of Flower Sprouts® which are exceptionally easy to harvest. Remaining in good condition until at least the end of November, this variety develops a great sweet and nutty flavour as the season progresses.

Flower Sprout Late TZ 0101

TZ 0101 is an extremely winter hardy Flower Sprout® variety with slightly shorter stems which are resistant to lodging in high winds, this variety matures from January to February. The Flower Sprouts® will remain in excellent condition during this challenging growing period and have performed well in trials even in heavy snow and freezing conditions.

Flower Sprout Mid TZ 0479

TZ 0479 has exceptional maturity up the stem, this is the tallest of the three Flower Sprout® varieties and will produce high yields of tasty Flower Sprouts for the all-important Christmas period, remaining in top quality throughout the whole of November and December.

Flyaway F1

Flyaway combines roots of attractive shape, colour and smooth skin, with good resistance to carrot root fly.

FT 2017

Crops in March. Good frame and cover against frost. May be grown in the north and south of the UK though maturity will vary according to area. Class one quality curd.

Floridity F1

Beautiful red teardrop shaped fruits borne on large multiclusters. Has an indeterminate vigorous habit. A very novel product.

Fresno Chilli Supreme

Produces uniform conical shaped dark green fruits of good uniformity. Fruits weigh approx 20g and are 7.5cm in length, tapering to a point. Ideal for green and red fresh market production.

Fordhook Giant

A classic swiss chard with large white midribs and dark green leaves with flavour. For spring and summer sowing.

Fantasia Orange

Bright orange petioles which contrast well with the vibrant green leaf. Particularly impressive as part of a mixed leaf salad.

Fizz (TZ 0446)

Fast growing with good erect plant habit for ease of harvest. The eye-catching leaves are deeply and finely lobed giving plenty of texture, ideal for bagged produce.