Products beginning with the letter E


Our own carefully selected stock of this enduring and widely grown variety. Heavy yields of 28 to 30cm pods which are slim, smooth and of excellent quality.

Embassy F1

Very hardy, attractive heads with slightly savoyed foliage. Very good shape and colour with excellent culinary qualities, making this variety a great choice for growers.

Endeavour F1 (savoy)

The first from the Tozer Savoy cabbage breeding programme. Late maturing with dark leaves and medium blister which hearts and stands well.


A White Lisbon type with distinctive stiff upright leaves which shed water very effectively, making it less susceptible to disease at difficult times of the season.


The leaves are more rugose than standard Rhubarb Chard and more uniform in leaf colour. This variety also has far fewer green 'off-types' and a greater standing ability.

Endurance F1 (savoy)

Our latest Savoy variety. Produces a small to medium, blue/green, compact heads January to April colour. In trials it has been found to go into the winter small and then fills out and with good clean appearance.