Products beginning with the letter D

Defender F1

Our first courgette variety with intermediate CMV resistance. High yielding, very early variety with attractive dark fruits.

Dill Superdukat

A high yielding variety, easy to grow and widely used as a flavouring.

Dwarf Gr. Curled Afro

Tozer selection of Dwarf Green which stands severe winter weather extremely well.

Derby Day

Early ballhead summer cabbage with good resistance to bolting compared to similar varieties. Best open pollinated variety available.

Downside Bridge

Small green Cos with very good heart development, yellow blanch and a good sweet flavour.


A fantastic new variety developed by our breeders, TZ 7192 offers a breakthrough in baby leaf production.

Dagger F1

Dagger has very slender roots of a narrow obtriangular shape. Smooth white skin with high crowns make for relatively easy cleaning. Sown at higher densities Dagger will produce large quantities of regular uniform roots ideal for the pre-pack market demands. Sown at lower densities it will fill well down the root producing heavy yields. In terms of root shape, Dagger could be described as being the parsnip nearest to looking like a large traditional carrot. Ideally sown in the spring and lifted before the turn of the year.


Discovery has a finely divided dark leaf and exceptional flavour. As with Voyager; leaves are more upright and bolting is slower than standard wild rocket. Plant breeder's rights granted.

Dragon's Tongue

A stunning new wild rocket with intense purple red veining on the leaf. Dragons Tongue® has a great flavour and is a real point of difference. Plant breeder's rights applied for.