Products beginning with the letter C


A high quality, long Berlicum maincrop carrot for fresh market or processing. Roots 17 to 23cm long with excellent colour.


Our new salmon flowered runner bean; Celebration not only looks attractive but is a very heavy cropping variety.

Cheltenham Green Top

Our reselected stock of this traditional variety.

Confection F1

A new Crown Prince type exclusive to Tozer Seeds. It produces an average yield of 3 - 4 small Kabocha size fruits per plant.

Crown Prince F1

Renowned for its eating qualities, Crown Prince is an attractive steel grey squash. Large fruit weighing approx 4kg with very deep orange flesh and long storage potential.

Chervil Plain

Common variety, used for seasoning and salads. A very versatile culinary herb.

Chives Fine Leaf

Thin, cylindrical onion like leaves which form into grass like clusters and have a delicate flavour. Not as coarse as standard chives.

Cobham Red Oak

A vibrant deep red oakleaf with very good flavour. Very erect habit with thick leaves making Roselee an excellent variety for processing.

Chives Medium

Thin, onion-tasting leaves. Clumping habit with purple flowers that appear mid-summer.

Capriccio F1

Baby plum tomato with oval shaped fruits combining high yield and superb flavour. Medium plant vigour with short internodes and highly productive.

Chinese Cabbage Nabana

Slender white stalks topped with ‘feathery’ dark green leaves. Sow in all seasons at high density for leaves and low density for whole head. Very cold tolerant. Special stock.

Cheltenham Mono

Tozer's monogerm Cheltenham variety with smooth nicely tapered roots.

Coriander Bilbo

A Tozer bred variety with compact habit ideal for pot production. Quick growing foliage does not flop over when growth pushed. Fast bolting.

Cress Water Aqua Large Leaf

Large, succulent leaves used in salads and as garnishes. Plant in the spring and autumn since it tends to bolt in the summer.

Cress Olympus TZ 6085

Slow to bolt, with a very attractive semi-frilled leaf. Olympus has a great pungent flavour that adds a real kick to salads.