Products beginning with the letter B

Badger Cross F1

The latest hybrid marrow from our breeders. Prolific, attractive dark green and cream striped fruit which are easy to see for cutting.

Bell Boy F1

Popular blocky hybrid with thick walls, predominantly used for green production. Adaptable variety for cool and heated crops.

Bitesize F1 TZ 0299

A unique hardy variety that produces small dark green buttons about half the size of standard sprouts. Perfect for supplying the premium Brussels sprout market.


Attractive bright-green lollo type lettuce with finely curled, well textured leaves and well pronounced serrations.


Renowned Tozer Seed's Boltardy selection, smooth skinned, round roots with excellent internal colour.

Bush Baby F1

Attractive baby marrow, with a bush type habit and good flavour. Bush Baby has been bred to satisfy the market requirement for a smaller marrow.

Butternut Autumn Crown F1

A brand new type of winter squash, Autumn Crown produces an abundance of attractive butternut-coloured scalloped fruits.

Butternut Harrier F1

Another variety from our breeding programme. Harrier is the earliest maturing variety available with good yields and attractive fruits.

Butternut Hawk F1

The smallest of our new fast maturing varieties with fruits averaging around 700g.

Butternut Hercules F1

Hercules is well suited to the catering market where larger fruits are needed. Good internal colouring and strong skin.

Butternut Hornet F1

Very neat uniform fruits which form very close to the centre of the plant allowing for ease of harvest.

Butternut Hunter F1

Bred by Tozer for the Northern European climate. Up to four weeks earlier into harvest than American hybrids.

Black Cabbage (Cavolo Nero)

Winter hardy, very dark well blistered strap leaves. Flavour is said to improve after frost. Use immature as a dark savoyed brassica for salads and stir fry. When mature it has long strap leaves with a strong peppery flavour.

Bosworth F1

A mid-season variety maturing before Trafalgar. Has excellent holding ability with firm, smooth, dark green, sweet tasting buttons.

Borecole Pentland Brigg

Pentland Brig is an old-fashioned variety with a slightly less curled leaf than most standard kales and has a distinct paler leaf yet it is extremely winter hardy.


A fast growing, bright-green oakleaf type with thick, well lobed leaves. Good texture and taste.


Small Cos/Romaine type with crisp leaves, excellent vigour and very good resistance to bolting. Very neat appearance with little waste and good uniformity.

Best of British F1

The earliest fruiting courgette in our trials, Best of British has been bred to yield an abundance of fruit even in cold weather conditions.

Borsalina F1

A 'Coeur de Boeuf' type with beautiful slightly ribbed pear shaped fruit, of good colour and taste.

Butternut Sweetmax TZ 9088

Large fruited early maturing variety, producing around three x 3kg fruits per plant with great internal colour and flavour.


Bred as a culinary variety combining excellent root colour with bitter free flavour. Outstanding winter hardiness.

Butternut Ultra F1

Large fruited processing type averaging 2.5 to 3kg per fruit. Large vigorous plants. Relatively late maturing.

Big Sun

Extremely productive yellow fruiting variety with heavy yields. Fruit size 6.5 x 5.5cm ripening green to bright yellow.

Basil Crimson King

A Tozer Seeds bred, red Genovese type basil with excellent flavour and no green 'off-types'. Improved colour, leaf shape and vigour. Plant breeder's right's applied for.

Basil Aroma 2

Excellent light green colour, delicate taste, smooth texture with a pleasant aroma. Slow bolting with a compact growth habit.

Basil Puck

A compact Genovese basil bred specially for pot production and sold exclusively by Tozer Seeds. Seed is free of Fusarium oxysporum.

Basil Fragrant Flowers TZ 0364

A very compact free flowering bushy basil that is very attractive to bees. Fragrant flowers makes wonderful edible bedding plants and can also be used as a great tasting leaf product if harvested young.

British Basil

Selected to be suitable for growing outdoors in UK conditions. British Basil has a very robust, bright green leaf that is more resistant to colder conditions but retains a traditional intense flavour.

Basil Genovese

The premium basil type, with regional designation for type, scent and oil level.

Basil Christmas

A beautiful plant with gorgeous big flowers, the aroma and flavour are unique and best described as Christmas with a hint of pine. Christmas basil is a Tozer bred variety.


Bred to combine uniform shape, smoother skin and resistance to bolting. A bold early variety with dark flesh.