Products beginning with the letter A


Producing large yields of slender, smooth, straight pods of good colour, Aintree's excellent flavour makes it a very popular variety.

Amsterdam Forcing

Our own stock of this quick developing half long variety. One of the earliest for forcing outdoors or under cloches.

Archer F1

A heavier 'bolder' parsnip of more traditional obovate to broad obtriangular shape. Long uniform roots with the traditional parsnip off white/pale cream colour.

Astor F1

Hybrid sweet Italian `Corno di Toro' type producing large long tapered fruits, ripening green to golden yellow at maturity. Thick flesh and sweet flavoured with good shelf life. Ideal for stuffing and roasting. TMV resistant.

Advantage F1

Hybrid variety for hearted production in spring and autumn as well as greens production for spring, summer and autumn.

Apero F1

High quality, red cherry plum variety with superb flavour and extremely attractive appearance. Strong vigorous open plant habit.

Alfresco F1 TZ 4044

High yields of very pale green 'white' fruit which have higher dry matter content than standard dark green varieties, resulting in superb eating quality.

Agincourt F1

Tall first late season variety for trial. Agincourt is high yielding, with good tolerance to lodging. Holds well in difficult weather conditions. Buttons are uniform and sweet.