Global Vegetable Seed Expertise

Global vegetable seed expertise

Breeding and developing innovative vegetable varieties in over 25 species for the international marketplace is the core of our company. Field performance, flavour and quality are key to each program.

Seed Production

Most of our seed crops are produced in specialised seed production areas around the world. In Europe most are grown in Italy, France and The Netherlands.

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Seed Specifications

Tozer Seeds can supply various seed forms to customers depending on the soil type, weather and specific demands of each customer.

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Seed Treatment

All of Tozer Seeds varieties can be treated to protect them against pests and diseases. We consider seed treatment to be a very important and environmentally friendly way of applying crop protection chemicals.

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Quality Control

Seed produced and warehoused by Tozer Seeds is regularly tested to ensure it is of the highest quality. The development of cleaner and purer seed batches is something to which we are fully committed.

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