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Tozer Seeds have been breeding marrows for over 40 years and are the only seed company to have bred hybrids including the most widely grown varieties such as Badger Cross and Tiger Cross. Our primary focus has been to reinvent the marrow by developing smaller fruit varieties like Piccolo which are great for stuffing and shorter fruits like our Bush Baby variety which can also be harvested as a baby marrow.

Crop Information
Sow May (under cover), June and July
Transplant 2 - 3 weeks from sowing
Suggested Density 12,500 per hectare
Harvest Period From June - September / October

Moonbeam F1

Fantastic, unique golden yellow striped marrow fruits with a great flavour, these are produced in abundance.

Tiger Cross F1

The first hybrid to have intermediate resistance to Cucumber Mosaic Virus. It is now very popular and is grown across the UK and Europe.

Bush Baby F1

Attractive baby marrow, with a bush type habit and good flavour. Bush Baby has been bred to satisfy the market requirement for a smaller marrow.