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Tozer Seeds have been breeding lettuce for over 50 years and were among the first to introduce mildew resistance. We continue to work hard to introduce more resistant varieties but also concentrate on enhanced texture, flavour, shape and colour. This attitude to breeding has led to the introduction of internationally grown varieties such as Ashbrook and Osterley and the launch of our latest outstanding babyleaf variety TZ 7192.

Crop Information
Sow February - August in 4cm peat blocks using block pills
Gaucho treatments are an optional extra
Suggested Density Iceberg and Romaine: around 75,000 per hectare
Gem : 150,000 per hectare
Crop Husbandry Cover first few plantings
Harvest Period May - October, November (subject to frosts)


Attractive bright-green lollo type lettuce with finely curled, well textured leaves and well pronounced serrations.


A red cos batavia variety with intense cherry-red colouration in the leaf and stem. Leaves have a broad teardrop shape with a serrated leaf margin.


A unique, freckled baby leaf lettuce with a wavy leaf and upright habit. Good field resistance to mildew.


A dark green, thick, crunchy cos leaf with a teardrop shape, slightly blistered and cupped. Ideal for processing and improving bag fill.


A large framed traditional double red oakleaf/salad bowl with deeply cut leaves. Our most highly mildew resistant variety. Stands very well.


A light green, very upright, well textured frilly oakleaf variety. Leaves are thick and waxy with shallow lobes and superb crunchy texture.


A fast growing, bright-green oakleaf type with thick, well lobed leaves. Good texture and taste.


Small size Cos/Romaine with good resistance to twisting in short days and slow to bolt. Very attractive and neat appearance with good uniformity and exceptional flavour.


Small Cos/Romaine type with crisp leaves, excellent vigour and very good resistance to bolting. Very neat appearance with little waste and good uniformity.

Downside Bridge

Small green Cos with very good heart development, yellow blanch and a good sweet flavour.

Cobham Red Oak

A vibrant deep red oakleaf with very good flavour. Very erect habit with thick leaves making Roselee an excellent variety for processing.

Little Gem-Pearl

High quality selection of this well known lettuce. Very uniform compact habit and a well filled heart.

TZ 7189

Attractive tear drop shaped, very dark red leaves with a bright green vein make TZ7189 a very distinctive variety.


A fantastic new variety developed by our breeders, TZ 7192 offers a breakthrough in baby leaf production.

TZ 9193

Distinctive dark red leaves of a broad tear drop shape and a wavy margin.


An intense dark red slender leaf with a very erect habit. Mildew resistance: BI 1-16, 19, 21 and 23.

Morello (Lollo Rossa)

A triple cherry-red Lollo Rossa with a medium frame, small core and colour deep into the heart. A long standing variety. Mildew resistance: Bl 1-16, 19, 21 and 23.

TZ 5045 (for trial)

Green oakleaf type with strong bright green leaves with great texture. Attractive, neat appearance and excellent uniformity. Mildew resistance: Bl 1-11, 13, 15, 17


A new dark red variety. The attractive rugose leaves have a twist and a slight wave to the margin. Mildew resistance: Bl 1-16, 19, 21 and 23.

TZ 2540 (for trial)

An extremely fast growing oakleaf lettuce with glossy dark green leaves and a very erect habit. Mildew resistance: Bl 1-12, 17, 18, 22 and 24-26.

Nymans TZ 1202 Red

A mid size red cos variety with a lovely burgundy colour halfway into the heart, contrasting with a bright green base. Slow to bolt. Ideal for a twin pack or processing on a closed up spacing. Mildew resistance: Bl 1-16, 19, 21 and 23.


A vibrant bronze red cos shape with the texture of a traditional cos. The colour becomes more intense under high light levels and cool nights. Leaves have an elongated tear drop shape and are very erect.